WONDERLAND LABRADOODLES - Adoption Policy


 1. Please download and SAVE the application to your computer. Open the

     application, fill it in, save it back to your computer then e-mail it to
 2. You will be contacted by e-mail regarding your application. A $500

     non-refundable reservation/consultation fee is required to have your

     name added to the Reservation List. The reservation/consultation fee

     will be applied to the purchase price.
 3. An e-mail will be sent to all persons on the reservation list when the

     puppies arrive.
 4. A reply to the e-mail is required to either confirm your desire for a

     puppy from the current litter or to hold over (one time) until the next

 5. Updates of the puppies will be e-mailed to adoptive families.
 6. Remaining balance is due on or before the day the puppies turn 4

     weeks of age. 
 7. Puppy allocation will be made at 7-8 weeks of age. Wonderland

     reserves the right to match puppies to their families taking into

     consideration criteria on your application and order of reservation fees

     received. Please keep in mind that Mother Nature determines gender,

     color and coat type of your puppy. We do our very best to give you a

     puppy that matches your preferences but sometimes that is not

     possible. Should you be offered a puppy that does not meet your

     wishes your reservation/consultation fee will be rolled over one time

     to the next similar litter.
 8. Appointments for picking up your puppy will be scheduled once all

     allocations have been made.
 9. Puppies will go home to their new families at 8 weeks of age.
10. A $60 per day fee will be charged for a puppy not picked up on the

     scheduled pick up day.

Acceptable payment methods are CASH and CASHIER'S CHECK. No personal checks, Certified Checks or Money Orders will be accepted. Final payment not received when due will result in your reservation being cancelled. Your reservation/consultation fee will be rolled over one time to the next litter.





Visitation is by appointment once the puppies have received their first vaccination. Onlypeople with a reservation will be allowed to visit. We understand how excited you are about your new puppy and appreciate your patience. This strict policy is for the health and well being of our puppies.


**WONDERLAND reserves the right of first selections to retain as part of the family and breeding program.



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