Australian Labradoodles come in three sizes:


Standard: 21" not to exceed 25" at the shoulder. 


Medium:   17" not to exceed 21" at the shoulder.


Miniature: 14" not to exceed 17" at the shoulder.


Australian Labradoodles can be found in all colors of the Poodle from chalk to black and various shades in between.

Generations Explained:


F1 Labradoodle: First generation. Purebred Poodle bred to a purebred Labrador Retriever.
       Results are mixed. Usually moderate to low shedding. Sparse hair or fleece coat.


F1B Labradoodle: First generation backcross. F1 (above) bred (backcrossed) to a purebred
       Poodle. Results are mixed. Usually low shedding to non shedding*. Hair to fleece coat.


Australian Labradoodle: Carries the DNA of the Poodle, Labrador and English or
       American Cocker Spaniel. Results are more similar but can be mixed depending on
       the parents. Usually non shedding*. Fleece or wool coat.


Multigen (Multigenerational) Australian Labradoodle: Australian Labradoodle bred to an
       Australian Labradoodle. The most consistent results since it is multiple generations of
       breeding like to like.  Usually non shedding*. Fleece or wool coat.



* as much as a dog can be non shedding.


Information courtesy of the ALAA. 




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