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Registered Name: Wonderland's BFF - Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Registered ALAA#  016736

Call Name: Bessie  


Bessie is Willow's daughter and my resident lap dog. If there is a lap to be found she will curl up in it! She is sweet, sweet, sweet.She has an apricot cream, wavy fleece coat.
DOB: 05/08/10
Size: 18 1/4", 29 lbs
DNA Color: Bbee - carries for cream/apricot, caramel, chocolate and black

Health Testing:                                                   
OFA Hips and Elbows, Cardiac, Patellas, CBC, Thyroid, TgAA, CERF, prcdPRA, vWD and EIC.




Registered Name: Wonderland's Just Say D Lightful - Multigen Australian Labradoodle

Registered ALAA# 034444

Call Name: Sadie


Sadie is Lily's daughter and Jewel's granddaughter. Can you say adorable? She is a little doll! She is a rare tri-color Phantom (chocolate, tan and white). Her coat is a beautiful wavy fleece. She lives in a wonderful Guardian Home with Nancy and Jim who treat her like the princess she is.
DOB: 08/27/13
Size: 15", 19 lbs
DNA Color: bbEe - carries for chocolate, cream, Parti and Phantom


Health Testing:

OFA Hips and Elbows, PennHip 70%, Cardiac, Patellas, CBC, Thyroid, TgAA, CERF, prcdPRA, vWD, DM and EIC. 






Registered Name: Danmar's Wonderland's Little Jewel

Registered ALAA# 010053

Call Name : Jewel


Registered Name: Hale's Christmas Holly Willow of Wonderland

Registered ALAA# 007510

Call Name: Willow


Registered Name: Wonderland's Dancin' In The Moonlight

Registered ALAA# 020656

Call Name : Lily


Registered Name: Wonderland's Everything's Comin' Up Roses

Registered ALAA# 023892 

Call Name: Rosie


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